When to Service Your Air Conditioner (And How Often)

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For many homeowners, the air conditioner isn’t usually top of mind until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, by then, it’s often too late, and the home begins to uncomfortably heat up. Waiting for an AC repair professional to arrive can feel like an eternity in a hot home which is why we recommend contacting Dependable Services, where our handymen can work with you.

Making sure your AC gets regular maintenance isn’t just something you can choose to do; it should be a regular part of your routine home maintenance.

Determining the Right Time for AC Service

Determining the timing and frequency for scheduling air conditioner servicing depends on various factors, such as the age of the unit, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. It’s generally advisable to arrange routine maintenance at least once a year, ideally before the onset of the summer season. However, in regions like Florida, where weather conditions can be more extreme, more frequent servicing may be warranted. The frequency of servicing is also impacted by usage intensity; units operating for prolonged periods due to hot temperatures or year-round use may require more frequent maintenance to prevent wear and tear. Moreover, commercial properties with high occupancy rates or industrial settings may require servicing more often to accommodate heavy usage.

Early Warning Signs

Air conditioning (AC) systems are essential for comfort during the hot months, but they require regular maintenance to function efficiently. Often, homeowners wait until their AC system breaks down to address issues, leading to larger, more costly repairs. Recognizing early warning signs can prevent minor problems from turning into major ones, ensuring your AC operates efficiently and effectively.

Blowing Warm Air: If your AC starts blowing warm air, it could indicate a refrigerant leak or a malfunctioning compressor. This issue indicates that your AC system requires immediate attention to prevent further damage and restore its cooling efficiency. A leak can settle into floors and walls, causing drywall damage and mold growth.

Weak Airflow: Weak airflow might suggest a blockage in the system or a faulty compressor. It’s essential to investigate this issue promptly, even if the air being discharged is still cold, to avoid compromising the system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

High Energy Bills: Experiencing higher-than-usual energy bills can be a direct consequence of the previously mentioned issues. Without realizing it, you might increase the AC’s output to compensate for its reduced efficiency, leading to high electric bills.

Strange Noises: New rattles, metal screeching, or consistent clicking noises from your AC are not to be overlooked. These sounds indicate the need for immediate servicing to prevent further complications and ensure your system remains in good working order.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for prolonging the lifespan of an air conditioner. It ensures that your AC performs at its best, remains energy efficient, and prevents premature breakdowns. Also, maintaining clean air is essential for health and well-being. Over time, air conditioning units can accumulate bacteria and other harmful particles. Regular maintenance helps keep these units clean and functioning optimally, promoting a healthy indoor environment.

In addition to maintaining the AC unit itself, it’s necessary to have an inspection and cleaning of your air ducts. Dust, mold, and other allergens can accumulate over time, obstructing airflow and compromising indoor air quality.

Don’t Wait Until Your AC System Breaks Down to Perform Maintenance

Air conditioners are meant to keep indoor spaces cool and comfortable. Regular maintenance helps avoid sudden breakdowns and drywall damage, so you can count on staying cool even when it’s hot outside. Ensuring a consistently safe and comfortable indoor environment relies on regular air conditioning maintenance. Don’t wait until the heat becomes unbearable—let us help you maintain indoor comfort year-round. Our team of experts at Dependable Services specializes in air conditioning maintenance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment throughout the year. Contact us today to address your HVAC needs.

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